2009 Schedule:  Home Team is listed first and takes 3rd base dugout     


   Roller FieldSeaver Field
DayDateTimeHome TeamAway TeamHome TeamAway Team
Sat9-May10:00AMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 5Tan Shack 4McLeod 9Tri-County Medical 4
Sat9-May12:30PMHorton Sports 5SAE Lions 8Evergreen Terrace 8Chaparral 10
Mon11-May5:30PMJC Press 11Coca-Cola 8Chaparral 6East Tenn Rent-Alls 5
Mon11-May8:00PMMcLeod 7Evergreen Terrace 14Horton Sports 6Tri-County Medical 3
Tue12-May5:30PMSAE Lions 5Coca Cola 6East Tenn Rent-Alls 7McLeod 14
Tue12-May8:00PMTan Shack 11JC Press 9Evergreen Terrace 11Horton Sports 4
Thu14-May5:30PMChaparral 4Tan Shack 8SAE Lions 0JC Press 10
Thu14-May8:00PMTri-County Medical ROSCoca-Cola ROSEast Tenn Rent-Alls ROSEvergreen Terrace ROS
Fri15-May5:30PMChaparral 12SAE Lions 13Coca-Cola ROSHorton Sports ROS
Fri15-May8:00PMTan Shack 11McLeod 10JC Press 7Tri-County Medical 8
Sat16-May10:00AMEvergreen Terrace 15JC Press 3  
Sat16-May12:30PMMcLeod 14SAE Lions 12Horton Sports 2Chaparral 7
Sat16-May6:00PM  Coca-Cola 0Tan Shack 15
Mon18-May5:30PMTri-County Medical 8East Tenn Rent-Alls 2Horton Sports 18McLeod 11
Mon18-May8:00PMTan Shack 7Evergreen Terrace 6Chaparral 1Coca-Cola 0
Tue19-May5:30PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 4JC Press 3Evergreen Terrace 8Coca-Cola 9
Tue19-May8:00PMSAE Lions 1Tri-County Medical 5McLeod 4Chaparral 16
Wed-MU20-May5:30PMCoca-Cola 8Horton Sports 9East Tenn Rent-Alls 4Evergreen Terrace 18
Wed-MU20-May8:00PMTri-County Medical 7Coca-Cola 4  
Thu21-May5:30PMJC Press 4Horton Sports 3East Tenn Rent-Alls 4SAE Lions 8
Thu21-May8:00PMTri-County Medical 0Tan Shack 2Coca-Cola 3McLeod 6
MEMORIAL WEEK TOURNAMENT Tuesday 26-May through Thursday 28-May (remaining games cancelled)
Tue2-Jun5:30PMTri-County Medical 0Evergreen Terrace 12SAE Lions 10Tan Shack 4
Tue2-Jun8:00PMChaparral 7JC Press 8  
Wed3-Jun7:00PM  Horton Sports 4East Tenn Rent-Alls 3
Thu4-Jun5:30PMTri-County Medical 5McLeod 1Tan Shack 7-FHorton Sports 0-F
Thu4-Jun8:00PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls ROSCoca-Cola ROSEvergreen Terrace ROSSAE Lions ROS
Mon8-Jun5:30PMJC Press 8McLeod 0SAE Lions 14Horton Sports 4
Mon8-Jun8:00PMTan Shack 15East Tenn Rent-Alls 0Chaparral 13Tri-County Medical 5
Tue9-Jun5:30PMJC Press 8Coca-Cola 5Evergreen Terrace 9McLeod 8
Tue9-Jun8:00PM  East Tenn Rent-Alls 8Chaparral 6
Thu11-Jun5:30PMTri-County Medical ROSHorton Sports ROSJC Press ROSTan Shack ROS
Thu11-Jun8:00PMCoca-Cola ROSSAE Lions ROSMcLeod ROSEast Tenn Rent-Alls ROS
Fri12-Jun5:30PMHorton Sports 2Evergreen Terrace 10Coca-Cola 9Tri-County Medical 4
Fri12-Jun8:00PMTan Shack 9Chaparral 8JC Press 9SAE Lions 0
Sat13-Jun10:00AMEvergreen Terrace 10East Tenn Rent-Alls 2McLeod 3Tan Shack 13
Sat13-Jun12:30PMSAE Lions 6Chaparral 10Horton Sports 0Coca-Cola 16
Mon15-Jun5:30PMTri-County Medical 3JC Press 12SAE Lions 8McLeod 3
Mon15-Jun8:00PMJC Press ROEvergreen Terrace ROTan Shack ROSCoca-Cola ROS
Tue16-Jun5:30PMChaparral 10Horton Sports 4Evergreen Terrace 2Tan Shack 5
Tue16-Jun8:00PMMcLeod ROSCoca-Cola ROSEast Tenn Rent-Alls ROSTri-County Medical ROS
Thu18-Jun5:30PMTri-County Medical ROSAE Lions ROCoca-Cola ROChaparral RO
Thu18-Jun8:00PMJC Press ROEast Tenn Rent-Alls ROCoca-Cola ROEvergreen Terrace RO
Fri MU19-Jun5:30PMMcLeod 7Coca-Cola 6  
Fri MU19-Jun8:00PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 11Tri-County Medical 8  
Sat MU20-Jun10:00AMEvergreen Terrace 4SAE Lions 2  
Sat MU20-Jun12:30PMTan Shack 3Coca-Cola 8  
Sat MU20-Jun3:00PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 9Coca-Cola 11  
Sat MU20-Jun5:30PMTri-County Medical 0-FHorton Sports 7-F  
Sat MU20-Jun8:00PMMcLeod 0East Tenn Rent-Alls 10  
Mon22-Jun5:30PMChaparral 15McLeod 10Tan Shack 2Tri-County Medical 8
Mon22-Jun8:00PMHorton Sports 8JC Press 4SAE Lions 5East Tenn Rent-Alls 9
Tue23-Jun5:30PMMcLeod 11Horton Sports 9JC Press 5Chaparral 7
Tue23-Jun8:00PMEvergreen Terrace 6Tri-County Medical 2Tan Shack 8SAE Lions 15
Wed MU24-Jun5:30PMCoca-Cola 11SAE Lions 1  
Wed MU24-Jun8:00PMJC Press 14Tan Shack 2  
Thu25-Jun5:30PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 11Horton Sports 1SAE Lions 11Evergreen Terrace 16
Thu25-Jun8:00PMTri-County Medical 3Chaparral 10McLeod 0JC Press 11
Fri26-Jun5:30PMCoca-Cola 13East Tenn Rent-Alls 12Horton Sports 7-FTan Shack 0-F
Fri26-Jun8:00PMChaparral 11Evergreen Terrace 1  
RO = Rained Out   ROS = Rained Out but was Scheduled again    DIVISION GAMES
CITY TOURNAMENT (Single Elimination) Saturday June 27 and Monday June 29