2015 Schedule of Games



 DayDateTimeRoller FieldBroyles Field
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 MonMay 115:30PMJC Press - ROSGeneral Shale - ROS--
   8:00PMHorton Sports - ROSBeef 'O' Bradys - ROS--
 TueMay 125:30PMChaparral 12Peoples Bank 2--
   8:00PMGeneral Shale 3Horton Sports 7--
 WedMay 135:30PMJC Press 4General Shale 5--
   8:00PMHorton Sports 7Beef 'O' Bradys 8--
 ThuMay 145:30PMBeef 'O' Bradys WEast Tenn Rent-Alls LChaparral 2Horton Sports 4
   8:00PMPeoples Bank 7JC Press 10--
 FriMay 155:30PMBeef 'O' Bradys 5Peoples Bank 4--
   8:00PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 3Chaparral 15--
 MonMay 185:30PMHorton Sports - RSEast Tenn Rent-Alls - RSJC Press 6Beef 'O' Bradys 5
   8:00PMPeoples Bank 7General Shale 6--
 TueMay 195:30PMJC Press 3Horton Sports 8--
   8:00PMBeef 'O' Bradys 8General Shale 4--
 WedMay 205:30PMHorton Sports 15East Tenn Rent-Alls 2  
 ThuMay 215:30PMHorton Sports 2Peoples Bank 1Chaparral 5Beef 'O' Bradys 4
   8:00PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls - RSJC Press - RS--
 FriMay 225:30PMPeoples Bank 9East Tenn Rent-Alls 8--
   8:00PMJC Press 11Chaparral 5--
 TueMay 265:30PMChaparral 7General Shale 6East Tenn Rent-Alls 2JC Press 18
   8:00PMPeoples Bank 3Beef 'O' Bradys 11--
 ThuMay 285:30PMHorton Sports - ROSGeneral Shale - ROSBeef 'O' Bradys - ROSJC Press - ROS
   8:00PMChaparral - ROSEast Tenn Rent-Alls - ROS--
 MonJune 15:30PMGeneral Shale - ROSBeef 'O' Bradys - ROSEast Tenn Rent-Alls - ROSPeoples Bank - ROS
   8:00PMHorton Sports - ROSChaparral - ROS--
 TueJune 25:30PMPeoples Bank 4Horton Sports 12East Tenn Rent-Alls 0General Shale 13
   8:00PMChaparral 7JC Press 12--
 WedJune 35:30PMBeef 'O' Bradys 3JC Press 9East Tenn Rent-Alls 0Peoples Bank 6
   8:00PMGeneral Shale 18Beef 'O' Bradys 10Chaparral 6East Tenn Rent-Alls 1
 ThuJune 45:30PMPeoples Bank 3Horton Sports 13--
   8:00PMJC Press 12General Shale 6--
 MonJune 85:30PMPeoples Bank 5Chaparral 12--
   8:00PMGeneral Shale 2Beef 'O' Bradys 12--
 TueJune 95:30PMBeef 'O' Bradys 4Chaparral 5JC Press - RSPeoples Bank - RS
   8:00PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 2Horton Sports 24--
 WedJune 105:30PMHorton Sports 6General Shale 5--
 ThuJune 115:30PMGeneral Shale 3Chaparral 6JC Press 6East Tenn Rent-Alls 1
   8:00PMBeef 'O' Bradys 1Horton Sports 7--
 MonJune 155:30PMPeoples Bank 4JC Press 16Chaparral 11Horton Sports 4
   8:00PMGeneral Shale 4East Tenn Rent-Alls 5--
 TueJune 165:30PMHorton Sports 3JC Press 18General Shale - LPeoples Bank - W
   8:00PMBeef 'O' Bradys/East Tenn Rent-Alls Susp to June 18--
 ThuJune 185:30PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 3General Shale 21--
   8:00PMJC Press 3Chaparral 5Beef 'O' Bradys 19East Tenn Rent-Alls 4
 MonJune 225:30PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 3Chaparral 16Beef 'O' Bradys 7Peoples Bank 4
   8:00PMHorton Sports 4JC Press 6--
 TueJune 235:30PMGeneral Shale LPeoples Bank WChaparral 4Beef 'O' Bradys 9
   8:00PMHorton Sports WEast Tenn Rent-Alls L--
 WedJune 245:30PMJC Press WPeoples Bank L--
   8:00PMHorton Sports WChaparral L--
 ThuJune 255:30PMGeneral Shale 8JC Press 15--
   8:00PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls LBeef 'O' Bradys W--
 MonJune 295:30PM2) Horton Sports 87) East Tenn Rent-Alls 14) Beef 'O' Bradys 85) Peoples Bank 6
   8:00PM3) Chaparral 06) General Shale 10East Tenn Rent-Alls LPeoples Bank W
 TueJune 305:30PM1) JC Press 11Beef 'O' Bradys 10Horton Sports 5General Shale 2
   8:00PMBeef 'O' Bradys 5Peoples Bank 2Chaparral 12General Shale 4
    Remaining Games Cancelled

RO = Rained out, not rescheduled

ROS = Rained out, was rescheduled

RS = Was rescheduled

NP = Not Played, not yet rescheduled

Regular Season Final Standings:

1JC Press133.813
2Horton Sports124.750
4Beef 'O' Bradys106.625
5Peoples Bank511.313
6General Shale412.250
7East Tenn Rent-Alls115.063