2018 Schedule of Games


 DayDateTimeBroyles FieldSeaver Field
    Home (3rd Base Dugout)Away (1st Base Dugout)Home (3rd Base Dugout)Away (1st Base Dugout)
 MonMay 75:30PMWash Co Sheriff's Office 0Wash Co Bar Association 25--
   8:00PMGeneral Shale 5Horton Sports 9--
 TueMay 85:30PMGeneral Shale 8East Tenn Rent-Alls 4--
   8:00PMJC Press LWash Co Bar Association W--
 ThuMay 105:30PMJC Press 13Wash Co Sheriff's Office 7--
   8:00PMChaparral 15East Tenn Rent-Alls 0--
 MonMay 145:30PMHorton Sports 20East Tenn Rent-Alls 0--
   8:00PMChaparral 7Wash Co Sheriff's Office 6--
 TueMay 155:30PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls LWash Co Bar Association WChaparral 19Wash Co Sheriff's Office 2
   8:00PMJC Press 7General Shale 11--
 ThuMay 175:30PMGeneral Shale 7Horton Sports 3Wash Co Sheriff's Office 1Wash Co Bar Association 12
   8:00PMJC Press 5Chaparral 12--
 MonMay 215:30PMEast Tenn Rent-Alls 3General Shale 13JC Press - ROHorton Sports - RO
   8:00PMWash Co Bar Association 12Wash Co Sheriff's Office 3--
 WedMay 235:30PMHorton SportsChaparral--
   8:00PMGeneral ShaleWash Co Bar Association--
 ThuMay 245:30PMChaparralEast Tenn Rent-AllsGeneral ShaleWash Co Bar Association
   8:00PMWash Co Sheriff's OfficeJC Press--
 MonMay 285:30PMWash Co Bar Association - PPJC Press - PPEast Tenn Rent-Alls - PPHorton Sports - PP
   8:00PMGeneral Shale - PPChaparral - PP--
 TueMay 295:30PMChaparralWash Co Bar Association--
   8:00PMWash Co Sheriff's OfficeHorton Sports--
 ThuMay 315:30PMHorton SportsJC Press--
   8:00PMEast Tenn Rent-AllsWash Co Sheriff's Office--
 MonJun 45:30PMJC PressEast Tenn Rent-Alls--
   8:00PMWash Co Bar AssociationHorton Sports--
 TueJun 55:30PMGeneral ShaleWash Co Sheriff's OfficeWash Co Bar AssociationChaparral
   8:00PMHorton SportsEast Tenn Rent-Alls--
 ThuJun 75:30PMJC PressGeneral Shale--
   8:00PMWash Co Sheriff's OfficeChaparral--
 MonJun 115:30PMWash Co Bar AssociationEast Tenn Rent-Alls--
   8:00PMJC PressChaparral--
 TueJun 125:30PMWash Co Sheriff's OfficeWash Co Bar Association--
   8:00PMChaparralJC Press--
 ThuJun 145:30PMGeneral ShaleEast Tenn Rent-Alls--
   8:00PMChaparralHorton Sports--
 MonJun 185:30PMWash Co Sheriff's OfficeJC PressEast Tenn Rent-AllsHorton Sports
   8:00PMWash Co Bar AssociationGeneral Shale--
 TueJun 195:30PMEast Tenn Rent-AllsChaparralWash Co Sheriff's OfficeGeneral Shale
   8:00PMJC PressWash Co Bar Association--
 ThuJun 215:30PMHorton SportsWash Co Sheriff's Office--
   8:00PMGeneral ShaleChaparral--
 MonJun 255:30PMtbd by seeds   
 TueJun 265:30PM    
 ThuJun 285:30PM    
    RO = Rained out, not yet rescheduled   
    PP = Postponed, not yet rescheduled   
    ROS = Rained out and rescheduled   
    RS = has been rescheduled   


May 5 Jamboree Scrimmage Game Results: 

Wash Co Sherriff's Office 6East Tenn Rent-Alls 4
Chaparral 5General Shale 5
General ShaleWash Co Bar Association
Horton SportsJC Press